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This Air Dry (Super Light Foam) Clay product  air dries and does not need…

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This Air Dry (Super Light Foam) Clay product  air dries and does not need baking. The consistency of the clay is very smooth, non sticky, light and soft which makes it easy to shape with fingers or tools. It can be used creatively with foam fillers, plastic Toys and paper artwork. Also allows you to easily create hues, striping patterns by blending Stretching, rolling different colours together. The product is non-toxic, conforms to EU Standards, however is not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Combined Clay and DIY toy set includes DIY Plastic Wind-up Walker and or DIT plastic wind-back car base. DIY toys also sold separately.

Each plastic package in the 36colour set is approximately 6.5x5x2cm and 12g
Each plastic package in the 12colour set is approximately 6×4.5×1.5cm and 8.5g.

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Components and Specifications

Main Contents: PVA, Foaming Powder, Glycerine, Colour paste, Pure Water.
Relevant Testing Standard: GB 6675.1.2014, GB 6675.2.2014, GB 6675.3.2014, GB 6675.4.2014
Suitable for over 3Year Olds. Use under Adult Supervision.
Shelf life: 3 Years (Sealed)

Weight0.48 kg
Dimensions22 × 20 × 5 cm
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