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DOES THE POSTAGE  LOOK RIGHT?  Due to the varying postage costs on different different sized items, adding items from different listings may not automatically combine the postage for you. If it doesn’t look right contact us before you pay so we can combined the shipping cost for you. 

DELIVERY OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA? Contact us with what you need and we will calculate the postage cost and volume discounts for you. Then send you an invoice to pay.  

REQUEST combined postage and volume discounts. We offer volume discount from 5% up to 20% when you buy 2 or more of the same item, from one or more listings. We also offer combined postage discount when you request invoice and pay by Bank Transfer or PayPal. Volume Discounts on multiples: Buy 2 (5%), Buy 3 (7%), Buy 4+(10%), Buy 10+(10%), Buy 15+(15%), Buy 40+ (20%)  HOW TO REQUEST: Before you pay, 1) select all the items you need from one listing or many listings into your shopping cart2) Click on VIEW CART and Take a screenshot of your order details, and 3) send us a message below or email us with the screenshot and your postal address. We can then see the details of what you need and email you an invoice to pay by Bank Transfer or by Card.

Please note: Requests for discounts will not be possible if you have already made the payment.